Ontario's iGaming Market Reaches New Heights in Regulatory Success

Ontario's iGaming Market Reaches New Heights in Regulatory Success

Two years after the launch of Ontario's open, regulated iGaming market, a new study shows a remarkable shift: 86% of online players are now opting for safer, regulated sites.

This milestone underscores the region's commitment to providing a secure and robust online gaming environment, fostering significant economic benefits and solidifying its position as a global leader in the iGaming industry.

Introduction to Ontario's iGaming Success

As Ontario's open, regulated iGaming market reaches its two-year milestone, an IPSOS study highlights a significant shift towards safer online gambling. A staggering 86% of players are now using regulated sites, emphasizing the market's robust consumer safety standards. Attorney General Doug Downey celebrated this achievement, underscoring the market's role in creating over 12,000 jobs and fostering a competitive gaming environment.

Global Recognition and Economic Impact

Ontario has soared to the sixth position globally in gross gaming revenue, surpassing other notable markets like Michigan and New York. This success was recognized with the "Regulatory Initiative of the Year" award by Vixio, a testament to Ontario's commitment to a safe and thriving digital gambling space.

Diverse and Expansive Game Offerings

The local market, managed by iGaming Ontario, offers an expansive game catalogue that includes sports betting, casino games, and poker. The popularity of these segments is evident, with basketball leading in sports wagers and a significant engagement in online poker, making Ontario North America's largest ring-fenced poker market.

Future Plans and Collaborative Efforts

As the market continues to evolve, iGaming Ontario is keen on further investments to understand and cater to Ontarian players, emphasizing a collaborative approach among government partners, operators, and gambling experts to sustain and enhance this Ontario-made success story.